The landscaped garden

13.08.2022 19:39

The landscaped garden

A garden laid out according to certain aesthetic criteria, using techniques and materials specifically used for this layout, takes on a “landscaped” appearance. This term “landscaped” was gradually replaced by that of “landscaped” which, however, did not have the same meaning at the start.

The definition of a landscaped garden

Indeed, the landscape style in vogue in the 18th century defined a garden with an irregular appearance, similar to the bucolic landscapes encountered in rural areas, where tall trees shaded pasture meadows on hilly terrain. This style of garden marked the naturalistic period of landscape design. It came as a reaction to the very ordered classical gardens comprising pruned plants organized according to rectilinear perspectives.

The adjective “landscaped”, according to the Dicovert (grouping the terms of gardens and landscapes), applies to “a space whose general appearance has been created or transformed for a desired purpose or effect”. By extension, today the name landscape garden therefore applies to any landscaped garden, whether it takes one style or another. It would therefore be more accurate to speak of “landscape design”. All styles of garden can thus be achieved in a landscaping: French garden or English garden, Zen garden or Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden

How to design a landscaped garden?

The layout of the outdoor space, whether large or occupying a small area as in city gardens, requires initial reflection, a design linked to the constraints of the place and then the implementation. of techniques leading to lasting transformation. The profession of landscape gardener brings together these different stages and skills. Calling on a landscape company promises to be the best solution to adopt.

This landscaper also brings know-how in the use of materials and construction (in the case of various masonry, flooring, construction of ponds and swimming pools) which guarantees the quality of the facilities and their good duration. of life.

The stages of reflection concern:

  • choice of a development plan,
  • traffic route,
  • plant dressing and the coating of these circulations,
  • choice of the location and the size of the terrace, then its coating,
  • choice of plants and their organization in space,
  • development of various drainage, watering and electricity networks,
  • terrace and garden lighting,
  • different built elements that will animate the garden.

We can participate in the reflection with the landscaper, who will then take care of the work. It is also possible to entrust him with part of the work and take care of the rest, for example additional plantations.

In any case, having the opinion of a landscaping company on site will save you time, and will allow you to compare your desires, the constraints and potentialities of the place, and the budget that will have to be associated. to this arrangement.

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