Fly2play gold tours to Macau

15.03.2021 18:40

Fly2play gold tours to Macau

In 1557, the Portuguese organized the first European colony on Chinese soil – Macau. It became the easternmost of the Portuguese colonies, which historically were Goa, Sri Lanka and East Timor. For almost five centuries, Macau was a backwater of civilization that was in the great shadow of the power and might of the neighboring British colony of Hong Kong. However, at the very end of the 20th century, this state returned to the flag of China and became one of the gambling capitals of the world, making tours to Macau a qualitatively different place.

Almost immediately after Macau was granted the status of autonomy with the actual entry into China, dozens of hotels and casinos began to be built here, which were supposed to serve as an outlet for rich Chinese from mainland China. Today, the turnover of Macau is three times higher than that of Las Vegas, which previously seemed unattainable, and the richest people in the world regularly come here to try their luck for themselves. There are more than thirty different casinos in the city, which become the main object of desire when you tour in Macau. All casinos are divided into two types: the old ones, some of which were still built by some Portuguese in the oldest part of this city, and the new ones, reminiscent of Las Vegas casinos. Also, at the moment, five new casinos are being built, which will be opened in the coming years.

However, in Macau, there are also many historical buildings that remind of Portuguese roots and that become an alternative for tourists who do not have a passion for gambling. Walking through the old paved streets that surround the old Portuguese buildings and the famous banyan trees, you will literally be transported a couple of centuries into the past. Walk to the old Senate Square, which is considered by the locals to be an extremely popular place for tours in Macau, and visit the white church of Santa Casa da Misericordia, which contains interesting religious artifacts. Here you can also find the oldest church in Macau, St. Domingos, which was successfully built in 1588. Finally, when you cross the street from the Senate Square, you can see one of the best examples of Portuguese architecture in Macau – the Senate building.

Finally, on a tour to Macau, the ruins of the Temple of St. Paul can be seen on almost every postcard, as they are represented by only one facade wall. However, this wall is perfectly preserved and sometimes it seems that it was originally intended to build only one wall.

Tours to Macau China have long attracted tourists with their unusual culture, it is different from ours and at the same time has been preserved to this day. There is a huge amount of natural heritage, historical and cultural monuments here. In China, you can find mystical places for excursions, interesting beaches, unique sightseeing tours. China occupies a huge territory of East Asia, the area of the country is very large, so the climate in different parts of China is completely different, because the country is located in three climatic zones.

The main directions of sightseeing holidays

Holidays in China can be very diverse, here you can find large megacities, in which life does not stop for a minute, you can find small villages in the mountains, which are visited by tourists who want to understand the secrets of life. Residents of different regions differ in their personality.

Tours to China can be very diverse, some prefer only excursions to China, some beach holidays. If you are interested in the sights, it is best to go directly to the capital of the country Beijing, here is the palace where the ancient emperors lived, the main Temple of heaven, you can visit the factories for the production of silk, Chinese porcelain.

A hot tour to China from Kiev will also help you learn the art of creating fans. In Beijing, you can learn a lot about the culture of the locals, visit other historical places. Special attention should be paid to the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army Museum, which are located in the open air.

Shopping and beach holidays in China

In addition to recreation, it is possible to carry out excellent shopping in China, because branded items in China are sold at low prices. Shanghai is considered the center of world shopping, where you can buy small accessories and antiques. There is also a great shopping experience in Hong Kong, there are also a huge number of different shopping centers.

However, if you are going to China for a beach holiday, it is best to go to Hainan Island, this is the real territory of summer. There are more than three hundred sunny days a year, so tourists regularly choose this island to enjoy the luxury of summer, the prices for tours to China are quite acceptable.

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